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Monday, February 28, 2011

We"ve hit the road- watch out for the Squirrel !!

Hoorah Hoorah !!

Finally we have hit the road and I will have to stop cutting other drivers off as my name and integrity is plastered all over our humble Mitsubuishi !! She looks sooo pretty with the squirrel branded for all to see and hopefully it will spread the name out a bit furthur than the Fitzroy region (not that local is a bad thing)

So if you see the big red Squirrel logo give us a toot and call us or email or join on facebook but do not toot if I cut you off as I am a bloody awful driver and I will apologise in advance !!

We buy sell and hire and if you have shed or estate clearances we are happy to come over and help you out so let us know.
Ones mans trash and all that ....
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