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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Mother of all Benches

Ok so theres workbenches along Johnston Street that are ok and a bit on the smallish size and then theres this baby which is a three man removal job and the mother of all benches !!

Confident ? Yep we are and this will not stay put for long with a great price point and a great spot in the front of the store !!
The deluxe ultimate must have gift to yourself this christmas and a piece of history !! In ten years you would still love it.
Go on spoil yourself and go bigger and better !!
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Festival Fever

Come in to Nook Vintage for all your festival garb from the hat to the cowboy boots we have it covered !!
Pretty floaty frocks in pastel hues and lots of fantastic long boots in all sizes and colours and a great leather bag to top it all off.
Bring out your inner hippy here at Nook Vintage and lets make your summer one to remember....
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Christmas Hours

We would like to extend a very Merry Christmas to all our wonderful customers old and new for your terrific support this year and for your custom. Thanks for sharing fun stories, swapping tips and being really receptive to all that we have done creating our little experience in Johnston Street.
Here are our Christmas hours in advance so you can get your last Nook fix before we take our own christmas cheer .

Once again we love you guys and without you we are nothing so see you soon and we will back in the New Year with more surprises up our sleeves and a devotion to being bigger and better.

Happy Christmas and a Grand New Year !!
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Satchel Overload !!

Here at Nook Vintage we have just scored the most amazing statch of old vintage satchels and messenger bags with a few rare tram bags thrown in .
Having waited months to find these sought after items we find an abundance (believe in the law of attraction I say as it works !)
They are a great range of leathers and colours all in various conditions but brilliant for the hard to find person at Christmas as who would not love one of these for men and women.
Be quick as they will go fast
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The worlds your oyster !!

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Christmas Window Award

If there was an award for the best Christmas window in Fitzroy then I think we at Nook Vintage would walk out with it.
It is a mass of amazing one off pieces with a child like fusion emphasizing our insane and kitsch personalities perfectly !!
From flying squirrels to ride me ducks we have captured enchantment for the kids and the bigger kids amongst us.
Cars have almost collided on Johnston just to get a gueney at our latest offering and this Christmas as it is our first we have pulled out all the stops to bring you something special.
Everything is tactile so you can touch, play and maybe not ride (sorry the duck is a bit precious) on most items and the tram roll on the wall plus the green distressed patina pigeon holes are all for sale.
So pop in or window shop and let us get your Christmas all sorted in our one shop stop. Its a wrap !!
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Nice Bits !!

Just a quiet nook in the store scuse the pun and boy do we have some great things for sale right now and just in time for the christmas stampede ( I can feel the vibrations starting !!)
Birdcages in 1950s original condition , metal bright letters, jars of collectives, science bottles, old dollies wanting a home and many more items of quirk !!
If you have the most terrible vision of buying the gift for the family member you all hate or do not know let us take the stress out of that for you. Who knows by the end they may even like you for it !!

Come in and see what all the fuss is about....
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Union Jack Mania

Hot in off the boat are our real authentic union jack cushions in cotton and a great longer length size.
We had these back in Feb this year and we got wiped out in a week so we had to wait this long for more !! (that boats bloody slow from there!)
Look great on a sofa,back of a mini or thrown on a bed but be quick as they are in demand and you know how far the UK is by sea...
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Monday, December 6, 2010


These original 1960s boots are the classic mod style, the boots are a beautiful deep red patent leather and are size 5. These boots would look great with a nice A line Pierre Cardin dress or with something contemporary. The colour makes the boots stand out in the crowd and give the wow factor to an already classic mod style. The boots are priced at $75.
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Always running out of storage space for your nuts and bolts? Well it's time you organised them in this amazing 1940's Industrial storage draw unit. The draws themselves have been labeled by a previous owner which adds individuality to the unit. The unit is priced at the reasonable price of $570 given the rareity of this piece.
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These Industrial Metal letters are a nice inclusion to the shop. We have a range of letters which have been slightly sanded back to further emphasize that old industrial look. These letters could be great for hanging on the front of doors, displayed as decoration in the house or even used in a funky cafe. There are a range of letters in red, metal and orange, the letters are priced at $75 each.
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Hello Birdie, looking for that old birdcage for hanging in your house or garden for decoration? Or do you simply have a fussy bird that is only happy living in a vintage cage? We currently have 4 birdcages in store that start from $50.
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These 1940's Bendix chairs are a new inclusion to the shop. These chairs are very hard to come by, they would be great in a cafe or for that nice vintage touch in the living room. There are a range of different colours - white, red, maroon, green and blue. We currently have 7 of these fab chairs in stock and have a few in storage to cover those bulk orders. The chairs are priced at $120 each.
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Not feeling the Christmas Spirit, we have the perfect item. This old skool bedpan could be perfect as decoration or if you feel O SO JOLLY a Christmas gift for that special someone. The bedpan is Ceramic and is priced at $95. Vintage bedpans are hard to come by and could be used for a number of ideas for example; a flower box or even a fruit bowl!
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Does your Christmas list include that person who is always hard to buy for? How about a jar full of doll parts? We have introduced various jars full of different items, for example childrens wooden building blocks, mouse traps and broken jewelery to name a few.
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The Bus Depot

Wow is this a rare find !!! This baby is an old Adelaide bus roll that is full charm of yesteryear with a great worn finish.
Very industrial and perfect for a shop or a warehouse.
These are so hard to source now and are almost iconic so you have to be fast. Pricing is very fair so come in and check it out and there is a match for this also in store now so buy a piece of history.
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Yes stockings are normally made from red or geen felt and sometimes cost more then the presents inside them, NOT THESE ONES!! We have introduced a range of funky christmas stockings made from vintage floral cotton, vintage kimono fabric and also Union Jack flags.. The stockings are made in Melbourne and start at a very reasonable $15!
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This Vintage Westinghouse fan is a must for this summer. The fan is in perfect working condition and can blow more breeze then 3 plastic fans put together. Get your moneys worth by buying a fan that is well made and also stylish! The fan is priced at $80, come in and experience the difference with a Vintage Westinghouse fan.
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Nook would like to introduce new science flasks, these new flasks range in size and finish. They are perfect for storing wine, oils, dry food or other small items. The flasks range from $15 + and are a perfect gift idea for Christmas! Get them while they're HOT!!
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snuggly Slippers

I want I want I want !!! The christmas list for Nook Vintage is growing and these are top of our list for the most gorge slippers in town.
Some have red toadstalls on, some roses and some simple embelishments but all are pure wool and made in Nepal and so unique.
Be first to own a pair as we here at Nook have sourced these for you and like to be the only one with them in the area.
Snuggle up on Christmas day and relax and these babies will warm not only your tooties but your heart as the profits go towards the Nepalese community.
In store now and priced at $65 a pair so a great value gift.
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Tit for Tat

Tilt this tit for tat (hat for the un- english amongst you) and be a real dapper gent in this stylish top hat made in the 20s in London where else !!
For hire and for sale keep a few hundred saved but you are buying a rare piece of history and it is in ok condition but the battered patina gives it that artful dodger look that is commands. After all not much that survived the 1920s would look that great right !!
So team it up with your whistle and flute (suit-get it !) and bobs your uncle (not sure on this one)
In the window as we speak and not much stays there for long....hurry in .
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Boot Frenzy

These designer boots are the bomb and are in immaculate condition and size 7 to 8. Rarely do I get this excited about a vintage find but these are breathtaking and in the old school style with the great toe and stubby heel.
They will not hang round long and look ideal with the floral summer dress .
Made by Giorgio Armani these are a made with love and skill.
If only I had smaller feet they would be hiden away from the world but alas it was not too be ....sob
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Just your type !!

Typewriters are walking out the doors here right now and we are having lots of different styles selling from the very old Remington Rands to the 70s style Olivettis. The best invention since the hair straightener and so ideal for the creative souls amongst us so come and have a play. Ribbons are now available from Office Works and servicing is from $80 plus but all ours are sold as is but are in full working order.
More due in for Christmas and prices start from $80 upwards.
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Scarey Squirrels !!

They are white festive and hanging everywhere in the store right now !! Yes our chrissy themed squirrels have arrived and are excited to meet you all.
For those who do not know our logo is the big red squirrel and we love the critters as both me and the old man are from the UK. Try finding a squirrel in Melbourne and if you do can you get me one for my collection ?
So our theme is the squirrel and ours look a bit demonic but we have them all over the shop to celebrate the silly seoson.
Come in and check them out and us to while your at it.
Open everyday now for your convienience and always with a smile (except on the weekend after a massive bender the night before!!)
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Chrstmas Gift Heaven

You will think you have died and gone to heaven right now at Nook Vintage as we have all the must have gifts for vintage lovers in all shapes and sizes.
Shelves chockers full of old tins,kitchenalia,typewriters,books,
vintage bags in beautiful hues and textures and lots more.
Hard to find gifts for friends and family ? Let us help you and we sell gift vouchers too.
Make christmas a bit different and buy a one off piece and how many pairs of Target underpants can Uncle Cyril own ..I mean please !!
Be original Think Vintage and give the real gift of Recycling
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