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Monday, February 28, 2011

So Doris Day....

I adore this amazing vintage 50s frock and I can imagine the gorgeous Doris day wearing this ... has a full petticoat that swirls and beautiful gold and black lace. A very fitted waist band and a good size twelve .
Is the perfect dress for a wedding or summer party and a real jaw dropper statement piece.
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Sad lost Buoy !!

This is my mad other half being a bit over excited !! So I called this post the sad lost Buoy !! If anyone wants to claim him please do and he will be waiting at Nook Vintage !!
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We"ve hit the road- watch out for the Squirrel !!

Hoorah Hoorah !!

Finally we have hit the road and I will have to stop cutting other drivers off as my name and integrity is plastered all over our humble Mitsubuishi !! She looks sooo pretty with the squirrel branded for all to see and hopefully it will spread the name out a bit furthur than the Fitzroy region (not that local is a bad thing)

So if you see the big red Squirrel logo give us a toot and call us or email or join on facebook but do not toot if I cut you off as I am a bloody awful driver and I will apologise in advance !!

We buy sell and hire and if you have shed or estate clearances we are happy to come over and help you out so let us know.
Ones mans trash and all that ....
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rock n Roller

Wow do you ever feel like you just blend in to the back ground ?? Well worry no more as this amazing silver disc and leather biker style jacket is really the bees knees. Make a statement and blind someone with your bling in the process !!
Fitted and very Euro style, team with skinny jeans and a killer boot and strut down the street like your somebody... go on do it !!
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A few of our favourite things

Sebel metal chairs in a range of muted hues, a sea green timber cupboard, a big red RocknRoll letter T, printers drawers, and stunning segmented dress makers dummies oooohhh are you salivating yet !!
Gosh we love our store and hopefully so will you and there are more of our favourite things inside and they are not kittens, white paper packages tied up with string and all that curfuffle but I have nothing against Julie Andrews.
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A corner Nook

Just in our quiet corner stands an old ladder with our local tea towels hanging merrily over so come and support the North side !
Our coffee bag cushions fuse well with the timber indoor and outdoor themed furniture and are so affordable and different .
Also we stock Pony Rider and if you do not know who they are then we worship at the shrine of Kel so come on in and find out more...
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Crate Expectations !!

New in !! Great crate pallet stacking system for the ultimate stylish storage solution and this is amazing in the flesh. Also hot off the back of our van (not the van !!) is the most gorgeous canary yellow kids taxi with all the details that a 60s pedal car should have.
Come and see this amazing window Gary my better half has conjured up for you and be left speechless !!
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The Locker Room

Hot in yesterday is this amazing Brown Built Locker in the brighest blue hue with yellow undertones and has 8 compartments deep enough to house lots of treasures from paperwork to kids toys to clothing. No real internal rust inside so ideal for any room and not the work shed !!
Priced to go this will be a quick sale so be fast and currently in our window.
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Be- dazzler alert !!

OMG this dress is 80s glamour at its finest and has been over done on the be-dazzler machine somewhat but heh if you lived through the 80s like I did sequins were force fed to you in everything..
So this is a small size 8 with lining and very heavy but the most immaculate condition with not a sequin out of place .
A rare find and simply stunning.
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Crazy Mascot

Every store has a mascot and along with our squirrel fetish we have a strange attraction to this fellow. Yes he is wooden and a bit battered but he is always in our store and pops up in the strangest places.
Many have wanted to buy him but we cannot part with him as he is our good luck charm and reminds us of someone who spurs us on to succeed in business and get bigger bolder and better .
We have no name for him but if you see him in store say hello and look out for his hiding spots !!
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Sebel Stacks

Don"t want to brag but we have stacks literally of colourful hued Sebel metal chairs and so if you are looking for cafe seating or dining chairs then these well designed pieces meld well with all interiors from modular,danish,industrial and rustic.
Can easily be stored and to bring out the best in these stunners just oil them lightly and they gleam.
We are sooo lucky to have found them and so will you be if you act fast but mix or match you choose !!
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Gary called !

Gary called and wants his glitter back !!
This jacket is a one off from overseas and for the inner rock god in all of us so if you crave for the days when Europe were in the charts and head banging was a normal bodily function then get in and get your rocks on or off !!
Leather with shiny silver discs this is one piece that got stuck in the be-dazzler machine a tad too long.
Try it on and see what we mean !!
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Frye Leather US boots

These are fantastic and now getting harder to find as really sought after. Frye makers stamp boots in conker leather with a plait effect on the side and a beautiful chunky 70s heel and a size 6B which is a bit bigger than a standard 6.
Divine and very desirable so get in and put your foot in it !!
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Seventies Fever

These wow OMG moment seventies cork wedges are just amazing not only in colour but the fact that for their age they are in good vintage condition. For the small petite footed female (thats me out again damn !) these are currently on show in our cabinet as do not want them to be badly handled.
See if the shoe fits and be noticed as these babies are made to loud and proud and lets face it they walked right through the seventies,did a few festivals, few Racey concerts and made it this far...
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What a Window

I am soooo crazy about those gorgeous red patent shoes in the window right now in pristine vintage condition and a tiny 6 !! So upset ...why are the best shoes always so small ???
Still if you cannot fit the shoes we have planters with free succulents, childrens metal red distressed chairs, sebel metal full size chairs in succulent colour hues, old wooden crates, and much more ....
Keep peering in !!
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Make an entrance !!

We just took a front shot of the store Nook Vintage whilst out on the street this weekend and wanted to show you our customers our street appeal. However if you venture inside right now you may never get out !! We are chockers to the rafters with amazing stock and cater for everyones taste and budget.
So don"t just stare in and admire come on in and be tactile and see if you leave empty handed.
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Royal Brittania !!

As you know Gaz and I are a couple of Pommies and adore the Monarchy so much that our store is pretty much decked out in all its finery.
We don"t need a Royal Wedding to get us in the mood and now have some amazing old flags from all over the globe in store for you to get the same look.
Drape them over a chesterfield for that hunting lodge look
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