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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crate Expectations

Once again we have our best selling piece instore "the crated fruit box system on a metal racking" fresh from the country and ready for your home, shop or business.
We have been the first in the street to sell them and they are so popular that we have more....

From bread to shoes (not at the same time !!) these racking systems are tops and so useful. Great for visual merchandising too and we can order for you if you want a few as look fantastic in a row.

Now instore we are selling the individual crates and so you can pick and mix from all of our other size crates whilst your in and know that we will PRICE MATCH any comparitive or matching product in the close vicinity of our store.

So come in to Nook Vintage today and lets get your storage sorted today !!
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Crates Crates Crates

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Crates Crates Crates !!

More Crates equals more storage and all at great prices so be fast in at Nook Vintage now !!
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Crate Expectations !!

So you want Crates right ?
Ok get ready for the most exciting news .....
We at Nook Vintage are stocking the store with crates from small to the very big and inbetween.
From tea-chests through to old farm fruit boxes we have all your storage covered and you can mix and match.

The best news is that we will PRICE MATCH comparitive product and will not be BEATEN on price !!!
From today instore so hurry.....
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On the Map

In store now we have the most amazing range of vintage school maps in aged condition and rare as hens teeth.
The Oceania map is our oldest and in good condition but it is the colours that draw you to the back of the store.
If you live by the ocean and love water this is the most stunning visual treat other than the real thing of course !!
They are getting attention as quirky wall art so come in and let us show you our range.
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Horse-ing Around

Just in this gorgeous horse satchel size tooled leather bag in a chestnut leather.... stop drooling please !!
Perfect size and design and well priced as in stunning condition.
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A favourite spot

I love this spot in the store currated by my partner Gary and has such a male presence (must be the big headed fellow)
From phrenology heads, glass bottles, timber storage filing drawers and a sprinkling of Pony Rider cushions and you have a wish list for the month.
Make a corner special in your home and we love to inspire so come in and see whats new....
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Raise the Bar

What a good looking couple they are and hot in the store today !!
A pair of retro blood red vinyl bar stools looking to brighten up your pad .
Smick and very desirable so be quick for these.
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Royal Flush !!

Oh its on Friday and we being a wee bit British are excited about our Kate and Wills hence the street party theme at Nook Vintage right now!!
So come on in and get a bit patriotic with our original Union Jack cushions and bunting. Or have a cup of English Breakfast tea in our new enamel teapot range and remember to keep that baby finger pointed !!
Anyway if all the British hoopla bores you senseless and your free on Friday come in anyway and see what other treasures we have in...a german beer hall table perhaps as we at Nook Vintage love pieces from all over the world.

Oh I do wish Diana was here...
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Jail Bird !!

New in and boy was this piece heavy (took three burly bods to shift it in) and this is amazing as you can see.
An old Indian jail door storage dresser with cupboards for extra storage made from solid teak timbers.
The perfect statement piece for a big area and commands its own wall space.
Ideal for cushions, mohair throws,quilts and lots of other precious display items.
Quirky and a little different than our usual stock items but one I know you will never forget and this is one off treasure you will not want to miss out on.
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Moroccan Range from Pony Rider

Another tempter from the new launch of Pony Rider and how beautiful are these cushions !! We at Nook Vintage are excited and so will you be soon so stay in touch for touchdown !
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Morrocan Magic

Put a bit of Morrocan in your life and you will be glad of the extra spice !! Found in our new range of Pony Rider cushions due instore this week so come and brighten up your lounge room with some hot chilli hues !!
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New Pony Rider Visuals

So excited ...aren't these amazing and so original and from the Swizz Alps Range and in our store this week fingers crossed but be quick as stock is limited...more to follow
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Pony Rider New Launch

Now I am so very excited as this week I am going to be breathing down the postmans neck (poor soul me thinks) as the rumour mill from Sydney is that our new range of Pony Rider is coming any day and so we will be showcasing these to you asap.
If you are not aware of Pony Rider then you must have been avoiding any media source for the last year as these guys are red hot and in every editorial from the UK and websites world wide.
We love Kelly and her amazing talent so be first in and let me know what you think.
Photos to follow I promise
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Little Britain!!

Was just playing with styling fireplaces again (as you do ) and wanted to create a hunting lodge effect. I had a few essentails to start with such as the tapestry fireguard in vibrant hues and then plucked out a few of my trophies (won't brag what I won them for) and started to build it up!!
Now sourcing a big taxidermy statement head for the above so let me know if you see any but not too dear (no pun intended !!)
If you like the look we at Nook Vintage have lots of great ideas right now instore and plenty of great brass fireguards, flags and curios to create your own hunting lodge look ideal for snuggles, red wine and a burnt marshmellow by the fire ....blisssssssss
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Fire up a idea !!

Was just playing at home with some styling ideas as wanted a pop of red in our bedroom and came up with this gathering of personal bits and bobs !!
At Nook Vintage right now we can give you the same look as we have everything from vintage milk bottles, industrial letters, metal numbers and ceramic birds so come and let us show you how !!
Also distressed fire guards are the must have for Winter to hide the awful central heating vent, disguise a crack in the fireplace or dress one up to give it a new look.
Lots in store now and well priced so be a copy cat and get our look with still change for some paint in your pocket !!
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At the Club

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At the Club

Just wanted to get excited with my lovely followers over my latest find for my home !! This antique club lounge was sooo heavy to get in the house and despite the horse hair falling out and the smell of old cats it is the best find ever !!
Dating back to the 1900s and in need of TLC this lounge is so comfy and home to our Nook Vintage exclusive Union Jack cushions.
Rarely out sourcing for moi as always looking for you guys so let me know what you think.
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A touch of Velvet

New in are some handsome velvet jackets for the classy gent.
Tailored and very sought after so be quick and give your jeans a lift know what I mean !!
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Fiery Brazillians

I have heard that Brazillians can be firey (all that passion) and this is true in this case.
Stunning size 6 vintage leather boots these are in a great spicey red and have lots of charm to tuck into jeans and stand out in that sea of black.
All reheeled and ready to walk out now.
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Scarey Finger

They are called fingerless gloves but strangely we have a few spare ones that have found a home in our winter knitted ones !!
Get ready for the chill with our super cheapo gloves that are perfect for still being able to rummage through your bag easily without the clumsiness of fully covered gloves.
In bright colours to ward off the winter gloom add a pair to your shopping list .
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Rope me in !!

A little Gucci, a little Noel Coward and a little bit different hence ending up on Nook Vintages shop floor !!
Not for the faint hearted these ropey gold and black velvet designer flats are size 38 and in smick condition.
Team with a classic black trouser suit and add a dash of panache !!
Cannot wait to see who buys them as I have a vision in my head so lets see if I am right.... think Noels passed on so he's out...
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Tan Wedge Brogues

Hot in right now are these tan size 38 leather vintage inspired Brogues. So this winter, so preppy, so wedgy and so quirk .
So come on in and try them for size but these are fantastic and a classic for the wide leg pant this winter.
Wish they fitted me sob as they would never have made the floor....
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Boots for Boys

Boys come on down to Nook Vintage and check out our range of Winter vintage boots in all colours and sizes.
Also in about a month (from UK so bear with us ) we are getting our new range of Desert Boots in and we are super excited as you will be . Pop in and we can tell you more (colours and sizes etc)

Instore now lots of leather boots from ankle to mid calf and very well priced. From cowboy to lace up Brogue we have a good range.
Students get 20% off every Monday and Tuesday so flash your card and be happy !!
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