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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hit the Keys

Beautiful old Remington typewriter wanting a home !! Come and see this piece of art and it works and guess what in the case there was a small package and in it were the original tools !!! Wow!! So amazing to see someone who has loved this so much and now we do too !!
An object of art or a working piece of machinery ? You decide ...
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Lots of Ladders

Lots of beautiful old stencilled ladders from step to big brutes !! Come in and see the range and while your in have a gander at all our other pieces. From beautiful distressed workbenches to trestles to pigeonholes and more ....and we LAYBY too .
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Call the Medics

Beautiful old medical bottles and lovely first aid kits are just a few of our many treasures so pop in and see our gorgeous range of homewares and one off treasures. We hunt them down for you to enjoy and every piece has a story so let us spin a yarn for you !
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Bench Mark

These beautiful recycled timber benches are amazing and work well with all styles of homewares.
We make these for our customers in all sizes and colours so come in and ask us about our service and get what you want !!
Every piece is made with love and has slight differences which just add to the character.
Next time your in ask us about the benches and see our floor stock for sale or just inspiration.
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August Wishlist

Beautiful things right now in our little store, lots of colour and great pieces for the home. Exciting new range of homewares also in now.
From bigs to smalls , gifts for you and all one off genuine vintage treasures.
Don't forget dad this weekend and we have him covered so come in and see us for the best original gifts and we don't do socks and jocks !!
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Flag us Down

From Childrens Crossing Flags to worldwide we at "Nook Vintage" just adore our linen adornments and they make the most original wall art.
Come in and let us show you our amazing range.
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Yellow Peril

Red at "Nook Vintage" is our favourite colour as you all know but right now I cannot get enough of this amazing bright yellow hue.
From old rusty metal letters, old Schweppes crates, yellow Mosquito Planes and bowling numbers to name a few objects of affection.
Brighten up the gloom and add a splash of yellow and it really makes a difference !
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The Book Shelf

There are bookshelves and then theres theres ours !!
Sorry for the sway of arrogance but when you find a treasure like this you just know your on to a winner. This big piece currently houses our stunning homewares range but is for sale if you have the space.
Over 1.5 width and height it is a impacting piece made from old dark chocolate timbers with stencilling as shown. Can add castors if wish as I think it would look fabulous in a kitchen too but be quick as bookshelves like these are true one off treasures.

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On the Soft Side

We are so in love with our soft homewares range right now and have just got more of our best selling Pony Rider range in after a big sellout due to the coverage on TVs "The Block".
Also loving the flags range and these are amazing for that pop of colour and ideal from couch to the bed !!
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Country Life

Just a strange distraction but this beautiful fella was quitely perched on a post in the country recently and I was fairly close yet it waited until I had my shot before moving on .
I was so in love with the colours and now am obsessed with those tones that I have been mixing these colours in the store and they look stunning.
Also just an exercise in slowing down once in a while and smelling the roses. I was transfixed by this parrots beauty and stayed watching for a while before driving off to scout my next find. This find however will be one of most treasured.

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Cabinet Alert

Our cabinets are a big point of difference and are always changing. So for a one off piece of quirk or beautiful vintage costume jewellery you will be sure to find it here.
Weddings, engagements, birthdays you name it we at "Nook Vintage" have a gift to match the occassion.
For the person who you think has everything I bet they don't so let us rise to your gift hunting challenge or choose a gift voucher so they can pick out their favourite "Nook Vintage"piece.
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Gentlemens Nook

In our quiet corner is the gentlemens Nook where we showcase our shoes,boots and man bag range in our timber bookcase. Full of mens quirk and smalls from oil cans to UK desert boots we have a right old mix to browsw through.

Lots of great leather boots right now from RM Williams to Duran Duran inspired (pictured) so come in and see if we are the right fit for you.
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Give Blood

This very old original blood transfusion trunk in the most fantastic piece for the medical minded especially and a real one off treasure.
I am sadly too big to squueze in the window right now (too many MandMs sadly) so my picture does not so it justice at all. The top is made from calico, leather and metal and inside it is woven wicker and very strong.
Would have been used through the war to carry supplies to the injured and so has a macabre yet very interesting story to tell.
Makes the perfect coffee table as flush and a ideal size to sit around and play games etc on.
Just put in our window to draw in the discerning buyers.

For all the bloody minded amongst you come and see !
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In the Post

How lovely is this old battered post box made from an old dairy milk urn. The ultimate in recycling and very quirky.
Would make a ideal umbrella holder or newspaper holder.... so many ideas but quite whimsical all the same.
In our favourite colour too .

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Oh Baby!!

These beautiful mint and cream Avery scales are so special and it was love at first sight. Even more so when I learnt that they were once baby weighing scales !! Everybody say aaaaahhhhhh !
With the original weights this piece is a rare find and perfect for the kitchen or the nursery !
We love scales and have lots of great styles and prices so weigh us up- sorry but I have been holding on to my puns for a while now if you haven't noticed.
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Get on our Tram

We love so much our tramway cushions with feather stuffing so perfect for curling up to on the couch eating Cadburys and thinking "this is what a cushion should feel like "
We have lots of destinations so the perfect gift for our dads. Make him relive memories and have a functional piece to boot.
These cushions are so perfect and go well with our original St Kilda tramroll we have in the window right now.
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Fathers Day Alert

I know dads can be a pain to buy for and lets face it you so can have too many jocks and socks can't you ?
Dad would love some of "Nook Vintages" one off treasures right now including our quirky coat racks, set of old school milk bottles in the carrier, maps of their mother country, glassware for their personal items, or check out our cabinets of goodies from old pocket watches to toy buses.
Put some originality into your gift this year and buy the gift of vintage, one off or give him a gift voucher so they can pick out a special piece themselves.

Just promise no more socks and jocks !!
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Pure Artistry

This one off handsome timber storage box is the ultimate gift for anyone in life. The most well crafted storage box I have seen and will hold anything from paints to jewellery to paperwork.
Has a handle on top and is the perfect example of 1930s craftmanship .
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Locker Room

Lots of wonderful old lockers in various conditions and the best idea for storage from Japanese slippers to winter knits !
Beautiful timber boxes, crates and wooden filing cabinets are a few of our storage ideas but we have many more so pop in and see.
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A Quiet Corner

In this quiet corner we have stacks of old ladders, old Remington typewriters,distressed cupboards and lots of treasure boxes to rummage through filled with genuine one off treasures.
The shop right now is looking at its most beautiful and really full of our roadtrip finds so come and view what we have found for you this month.

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Taking it by the horns !!

Look what I found in the country recently and no it was not a result of my frantic driving either !! But heh theres an idea...hmmm
Anyhow this lovely weathered skull creates a great aesthetic sitting on top of an old first aid kit and although some will say he is better suited to the front of a redknecks ute I disagree.

So take him by the horns and see what happens !

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Put the Boot In

Lovely worn in 1930s original workers boots and the squeek comes free !!
Beautiful details of the bygone era and still in mint condition considering the age.
These are a ladies size 9 but are so handsome that guys with smaller feet would love them too. Now in our window where things tend to move fast so be quick for these.

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Cast Iron Stool

This amazing cast iron and timber adjustable stool is the things we at "Nook Vintage" drool over !!
From an old railway station this gorgeous as is piece would look amazing in an office teamed with a rustic timber workbench .
Nicely worn and well priced you must pop in and try it for size .
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Amy and Katrina fans

Due to the massive success of the TV show "The Block" we at "Nook Vintage" have been wiped out by being one of the suppliers of one off vintage treasures but also our exclusive Pony Rider range of cushions from our good friend Kelly.
The "Swiss Horn" range is featured on Amy and Katrinas stunning charcoal modular and so this has been a real winner for us. We are currently on our third order and please pop in or contact us should you like to copy the look.

Great show and sad it is over but looking forward to next series . Contacted the girls recently and thanked them for putting us on the map and making our cushions go crazy !!
Come in and see what the fuss is about !!
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