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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snuggly Slippers

I want I want I want !!! The christmas list for Nook Vintage is growing and these are top of our list for the most gorge slippers in town.
Some have red toadstalls on, some roses and some simple embelishments but all are pure wool and made in Nepal and so unique.
Be first to own a pair as we here at Nook have sourced these for you and like to be the only one with them in the area.
Snuggle up on Christmas day and relax and these babies will warm not only your tooties but your heart as the profits go towards the Nepalese community.
In store now and priced at $65 a pair so a great value gift.
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Tit for Tat

Tilt this tit for tat (hat for the un- english amongst you) and be a real dapper gent in this stylish top hat made in the 20s in London where else !!
For hire and for sale keep a few hundred saved but you are buying a rare piece of history and it is in ok condition but the battered patina gives it that artful dodger look that is commands. After all not much that survived the 1920s would look that great right !!
So team it up with your whistle and flute (suit-get it !) and bobs your uncle (not sure on this one)
In the window as we speak and not much stays there for long....hurry in .
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Boot Frenzy

These designer boots are the bomb and are in immaculate condition and size 7 to 8. Rarely do I get this excited about a vintage find but these are breathtaking and in the old school style with the great toe and stubby heel.
They will not hang round long and look ideal with the floral summer dress .
Made by Giorgio Armani these are a made with love and skill.
If only I had smaller feet they would be hiden away from the world but alas it was not too be ....sob
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Just your type !!

Typewriters are walking out the doors here right now and we are having lots of different styles selling from the very old Remington Rands to the 70s style Olivettis. The best invention since the hair straightener and so ideal for the creative souls amongst us so come and have a play. Ribbons are now available from Office Works and servicing is from $80 plus but all ours are sold as is but are in full working order.
More due in for Christmas and prices start from $80 upwards.
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Scarey Squirrels !!

They are white festive and hanging everywhere in the store right now !! Yes our chrissy themed squirrels have arrived and are excited to meet you all.
For those who do not know our logo is the big red squirrel and we love the critters as both me and the old man are from the UK. Try finding a squirrel in Melbourne and if you do can you get me one for my collection ?
So our theme is the squirrel and ours look a bit demonic but we have them all over the shop to celebrate the silly seoson.
Come in and check them out and us to while your at it.
Open everyday now for your convienience and always with a smile (except on the weekend after a massive bender the night before!!)
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Chrstmas Gift Heaven

You will think you have died and gone to heaven right now at Nook Vintage as we have all the must have gifts for vintage lovers in all shapes and sizes.
Shelves chockers full of old tins,kitchenalia,typewriters,books,
vintage bags in beautiful hues and textures and lots more.
Hard to find gifts for friends and family ? Let us help you and we sell gift vouchers too.
Make christmas a bit different and buy a one off piece and how many pairs of Target underpants can Uncle Cyril own ..I mean please !!
Be original Think Vintage and give the real gift of Recycling
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Gin and Tonic

Straight in for the must have gift this christmas is the Gilbeys Gin flag which is dazzling in the flesh.
Looks amazing in a bar or in a warehouse setting and originally came off a boat or a old pub we think.
As rare as hens quick
Cheers !!
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Nook gets British wedding fever !!

Oh how excited are we to announce the arrival of our royal wedding tribute union jack cushions straight off the ship from London !
Its union jack maddness here and these are the must have item for the home this christmas and also look fab in the back of a mini.
On top are our new range of Pony Rider cushions all priced at $80 and very stunning . Industrial graphics, ribbons,birds and vintage logos pepper the fabrics and marry beautifully together so splurge on a few and scatter madly.
Also now in are our range of original quirky one off chrissy gifts for the person who has everything and something for you too maybe.
Need a jar of dolls heads, broken vintage bits and bobs, pool balls,dominoes etc etc and we have them all wrapped to go and for a great price too. Hurry whilst stock last as all original one off treasures.

Be part of our crazy christmas spirit here at Nook Vintage and come see what the fuss is all about !!
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Back to the 30s

I know that the Mad Men Epidemic is causing the entire population of pre-normal women to hunt down all things 50s and hold cup cake mornings all over town but I am one of the exceptions as I looove the 1930s.
So to please everyone as you should in retail I have a large fusion of both and here featured is my 1930s corner in our store.
The pigeon holes are chock full of stunning chocolate leather 1930s bags in all shapes and sizes and there are some original leather shoes from that era that have hardly be worn. Snakeskin bags galore and a few vintage 1930s hats and I have a fine collection for the ladies that prefer the finer things in life.Come in and let me show you my favourite corner and I will indulge you with my knowledge and lets put the 1930s back in voque. Mad Men who !!
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Sequinned Heaven

I died and went to heaven when I found this amazing black vintage jacket in amazing vintage condition and the most beautiful fall. It is size ten and would look gorgeous over a plain black dress or skinny jeans and killer heels.
Covered in black beads and sequinns it is stunning and can be dressed up and down.
Just in time for the Christmas seoson where parties are the go and if you are quick for one week we take 30 percent off so get your skates on and be the envy of all your friends.
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Boys Christmas Wish List

Have you been a good little boy all year ...well if so then your too boring to be shopping in our cool store "Nook Vintage" but if you are bad like the rest of us come and check out our guys trinkets !!
Ready in time for Christmas make your list with cabinets for the guys and the girls and all packed full of one off treasures including cut throat razors, ciggie tins, Box Brownie cameras, ping pong sets, mouse traps, hand cuffs (don't ask) and a range of macho jewellery.
We do a great range of cuff links, tie pins and gators in leather and fabric for the men who have everything and all that does not grab you then ask your loved ones for a gift voucher to spend on your personal picks.
Leave time to browse as there is soooo much to look at so see you soon .
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Excuse me gotta catch this sale

Please calm down and breath ... form an orderly queue and don't use elbows as there is plenty for everyone !! We at "Nook Vintage" are having a crazy one week only sale on all clothing in store now and even the sale is reduced furthur ( I mean there is only so long you can stare at the 1980s coral dress before you want it out )
Lots of new stock and old and really great prices and all gotta go but one week only and so be fast and tell the boys that its their gear too so there is something for everyone.
Will someone please buy that ugly coral dress and I will throw in a free handbag ... did I say pleaaaaaaasssssse !!!
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Mad Scientist

Make up great experiments in these fab science flasks and ideal for olive oil, vino and sulphur !! Pretty up the home with a flower or fill with coloured water and make each bloom look original. Look great as a collective in a bathroom, kitchen or cafe and are so affordable so the best gift idea. Pop in and see our full range.
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Case Studies

The days when folk use cases for the holidays only are now over as we at "Nook Vintage" sell more cases for a million other reosons.
These leather beauties are in amazing condition in a conker brown with the lovely gold details of the old owner.
Stack them for impact and they make great storage for small spaces and also look stylish in a hallway full of old books for example.
Let us inspire you and show you our full range of cases and storage ideas.

Sydney Chic

New to "Nook Vintage" are the most wow factor design cushions from "Pony Rider" in Sydney and we are so excited to be one of the lucky retaillers selected to carry them in store. The cushions are made in Australia and are all original designs with subjects such as antlers, vintage birds, industrial abstract and ribbons.
Each set of graphics has an expiry and then a new range appears so the cushions are a collectors piece and very one off.
Priced at $80 each they really are the perfect extra for people with a eye for design and discerning taste and mix well with contempory and vintage.
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Sequinned Cardigans

I got lucky this week and found a statch of the diviniest old beaded cashmere soft cardigans. Embelished in sequins and tiny pearls each one is a bit different from the next but were well taken care of in the past. They look stunning worn at night open with a plain tee and a pair of skinniy jeans or over the top of a vintage shift dress for added glamour.
Come in and try..
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Lifes a beach !!

Does this vision just want to make you grab the nearest towel and head to the beach pronto unless of course like the rest of Melbourne you are regretting all the parmas you scoffed through winter !! However the little skirt is very flattering and suits all shapes and comes all the way from London made by Liberty. the pscho range of colours pop and scream 1950s.
In pristine vintage condition and hardly worn this is one of the rare finds in my opinion where you hold your breath with excitement ..
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Nook would like to welcome Trevor 'the duck' and Nigel 'the rocking horse' to the store. These fun new folks are for hire and for sale only to the highest bidder (ask the manager) Both Trevor and Nigel are fully mounted and enjoy going on excursions outside the shop. Come in and ask about our new hire service - great for props or as decoration for a party etc.
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Partial to the mod look? These contemporary boots are a classic 1960's style, all patent leather and in AMAZING condition. These boots would look great with a patent leather clutch or bag, or if your feeling o so inspired a classic A line 60's dress (think twiggy in her hay day).
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nice Pair !!

Just in ... two angled industrial lights all rigged up to go and take a big wattage bulb so ideal for a warehouse or a shop.
Here at Nook Vintage we do a bit of all sorts and lamps and lights are our new focus so keep popping in for ideas and affordable industrial-retro-rustic and vintage homewares.
A nice pair indeed.
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Vintage Typewriters

So very hard to come by but we have a great 1950s typewriter with the case for just $60 in at the moment in as is condition. You can get the old style serviced for about $80 but this little gem needs some TLC and a home.
Also look great purely as a aesthetic piece on an old desk with Christmas only weeks away Nook Vintage has the most one off fabulous gift ideas.
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Holy Cow !!

Oh my this is the most outrageous cow hide vest I have ever seen and a real one off piece. The flip side has a little mange (sorry but I am honest !) but the front is pretty tidy and there is a side zipper . I can see someone off to a music festival in Bryon Bay just going crazy for this little number and lets face it you would be hard pushed to see another quite like it (some readers will be thinking thank god for that !!)
Make a statement and try it on for size...
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Metal Pigeon Holes

At Nook Vintage we love our pigeon holes and get them in all shapes and sizes and here are a new set in the front window. With a great rust finish and worn appeal they look brilliant stacked full of great relics like our old war helmet, jars of vintage trinkets and metal letters etc. You are only limited by your imagination and if you do not want them upright then swap them the other way.. voila...sounds too easy because it is !!
Come in see why they walk out fast.. we at Nook Vintage price fairly and so treat yourself ....
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