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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Back to the 30s

I know that the Mad Men Epidemic is causing the entire population of pre-normal women to hunt down all things 50s and hold cup cake mornings all over town but I am one of the exceptions as I looove the 1930s.
So to please everyone as you should in retail I have a large fusion of both and here featured is my 1930s corner in our store.
The pigeon holes are chock full of stunning chocolate leather 1930s bags in all shapes and sizes and there are some original leather shoes from that era that have hardly be worn. Snakeskin bags galore and a few vintage 1930s hats and I have a fine collection for the ladies that prefer the finer things in life.Come in and let me show you my favourite corner and I will indulge you with my knowledge and lets put the 1930s back in voque. Mad Men who !!
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