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Friday, March 25, 2011

Golden Globes !!

So many places to go and see and how better to plan this then grab a globe and start your lifes journey. Give the gift of travel today and be loved for it.
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Climb the Ladder

Hot in this week is our amazing window display from my currator partner and featuring a metal red ladder and shelves in a reversable timber.
This is the second ladder we have created and they are so popular as great for shops,bookcases and a wall feature and solid with that sought after rusted charm.
Also lots of globes and many ages and styles...the perfect gift for men and women and ideal as a travel gift. So poular and a visaul treat in the window.
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We"re Diverse

From timber distressed cupboards to pre loved boxer boots to enamel signs to union jack cushions we at Nook Vintage like to diversify and stand alone in a world of followers.
So if you are reading this and have never been in let us tickle your tastebuds and be excited as from each day there is always something new to look at.
Open daily with a smile !!
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Tresstles and Bell Jars

Hot in this week are the glass belljars for all your collectives sat on top of our stunning timber tresstle. The tresstle is the perfect table fro inside and out and easy to store when not in use.
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stop Drooling !!

There are some fabulous vintage pieces in our pigeon holes at the moment and so if you have missed a few weeks pop in as open daily.
We have 1920s original flapper girl shoes ,beaded 1950s shoes, worn in leather cowboy boots and Frye tan boots, lots of lovely leather bags in pre loved condition, hats in all shapes and sizes and select books to make you laugh out loud !!
Sizes are one off so its the Cinderella effect in here but you never know your luck !

So don"t drool any longer make a visit and see what all the fuss is about !!
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The boys corner

In our store we love the company of men and so have structured the store to accomodate them by setting up a corner area full of great vintage boots, broques and desert boots with satchels,luggage and accessories thrown in.
Also we have a guys cabinet too full of gentlemens baubles !!

So guys pop in for all your essentials and we welcome you
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Frock Me

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Frock Me

Lots of new frocks just in and amazing styles from across the globe so something different Melbournians
A real mix from the 50s to the 80s and quirky colours like mustards, tangerines, and of course the essential black.
I am really focussing on moving some summer stock now so if it is not already reduced then ask me and I will be sure to do a deal for you.

New seoson as priced and do not forget Monday and Tuesday are student days at Nook Vintage so bag a bargain on those days with a 20% discount
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Turning Japanese !

Just in for the new seoson are these three quarter Japanese vintage kimonos in amazing hues and also the classic black. Last year whilst in Brick Lane in the heart of the East End of London all the cool somebodys were wearing kimonos with skinny jeans and looked fantastic.
So Melbourne I think this look is going to go off this year but we at Nook Vintage have been happily selling vintage kimonos from day one.

They look fantastic as an alternative to a jacket, throw over a tee and then mix in with basics like jeans or over a classic LBD
Every kimono is quite different and a one off piece so hurry in now and see the range.
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To our followers...

This message is for all our followers and anyone who has supported us on our exciting journey.... should be WE LOVE YOU but enough of all the mushy stuff and back to the point and there is one !!

Nook Vintage now sell scrabble letters and rests so you can spell out your love or hate (great for inner stress) or any other word you like.
A great innovative idea that we stole of our dear friend Orli ( I love you too) and ideal for the people out there like me that cannot get the words out sometimes !!! hahaha only kidding !!

So come and be creative in store and buy a little something different and they make a great gift. Start from $1 per piece so a good affordable piece of art.

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O How Gorgeous !!

We at Nook Vintage are so excited as our wonderful oregan work bench has arrived and it is one of the best we have sourced.
From the depths of the country this handsome brute is solid and a ideal shop counter, dining table or feature table in a open plan home.
Marrys well with our timber recycled benches on either side or mix up the look with our olive vinyl and metal chairs .
Priced competitively and a real show stopper be first to see this piece.
1750 x 740 in dimensions and bring a set of muscles as this is heavy to move !!
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New Seoson Boots

New instore we have Brazillian tan boots, Frye boots and a great range of new seoson Brogues and this shot shows one of the many new boots.
Be quick as Nook Vintage does get known as one of the best places to buy vintage boots apparently but thats only what we heard on the grapevine!!
We will take that compliment and hope we do not disapoint you.
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Cotton On

Lots of lovely timber spools now in store and look grand as a collective. Also great as a coat hook and a great merchandising idea for bangles .
In store this week .
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Ship Ahoy

We did the nautical theme a while back and it is a firm fave with anyone looking for a beachy aesthetic ...
There are oars and a buoy and we always find lots of wicker baskets for crabs to bread sticks so pop in and see our beach theme...

Go on STARE !!

Ok so we may seem arrogant, loud, in your face and ultra confident but heh when your in Fitzroys most competitive area you have to be all those traits and more. So to all the people out there we say STARE and look and then come on in as once you meet us you will be happily surprised !!
Stare at our window as it changes regularly and always has a theme which we hope you like
Stare through when we are closed and call our mobile and find out more (only at respectable hours mind you)
Stare at our blog and find something different for you,the home,the kids and the partner
Stare hard as I think you will be seeing more of our crazy antics in the future !!

So go on STARE
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1920s Theatre Light

See the lights of yesteryear here at Nook Vintage as deco is our favourite era and this theatre light on a wooden tripod ticks all the boxes.
Amazing in design from the States and beautifully constructed and gives off a great beam so ideal for a secluded book corner or a giant warehouse where it would command more attention.
Can be adjusted and uses a 78mm bulb
Well priced as a piece of history and lighting is our new line that we will continue but this American Beauty is a true one off Decoesque treasure.
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Chip of the old block

We have more coming but these are a few of our sought after hat blocks with stand and just the block.
Beautiful as is or pop on your best topper to keep it in shape.

Getting hard to find and very costly but we at Nook Vintage try and keep prices fair.
Expecting a few more this week so come in and see our range and make your favourite hat a statement piece.
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The Right Type

Handsome old Remington typewriter in grand condition and a sought after item here at Nook Vintage.
Works well with all the keys perfect but the ribbon is in need of a change and now you can find the ribbons in Office Works so I have been told so thats brilliant.

Looks so regal on a mantel and of course great font when used.

Well priced and the only one I have instore right now.
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On a Roll !!

We are "on a roll" with these two most sought after items as everyone asks me constantly where I got my paper holder from and can I get one !!
Well now I have listened and done what you have asked so where are you all ?
The brown paper is available from office works for a song and these old timber holders are found from the country with a little age but work perfectly.
For store holders to cafes to schools these historic items are rare to find and useful as well as looking amazing.
Be quick !!
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Another store view

As well as globes, brogues and balls we have the most stunning bigs at the moment. Worn patinaed chests as shown from the country and amazing as a TV unit or a nappy change table or a pantry cupboard. Seriously we at Nook Vintage have a big imagination and can find you anything !!
This piece is so affordable and currently works well as a display for our current Pony Rider cushions and heh that sounds more glam than nappies right !!

Come see us daily
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Around the world !!

Around the world is our theme at Nook Vintage and we have the most fantastic range of globes in all shapes and sizes for the childrens room to the boardroom. Ages from the 1950s to the 1970s and all well priced.
The one in the photo is very deco styled and the most vibrant colours.
Come and learn your latitudes from your longtitudes and we can show you this instore now !!
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Brogueish Charm

Lovely old school Brogues in and very unisex style and big size so a must see for the new seoson. Gorge leather and great detailling and have a great shape for dresses or jeans.
My brogues walk out the door (God am I the queen of puns or what although none intended !!) so be first in as well priced and ready for the right foot but the left will do (sorry again but am drinking coffee and am bored !!)
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Chelsae Boot

Just in these stunning unisex Italian Leather Chelsea boots are stunning and in time for the cooler months.
Size 9.5 and great condition so come and see as in store now and well priced to boot (sorry)
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Workbench side shot

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Beer and Skittles

Have fun with the family or make a statement in the home with these rare find wooden skittles beautifully crafted and collectively look so fine.
Have ten in total and have lots of mixed balls to choose from so come and play skittles with us at Nook Vintage !!
Who knows we may throw in a free beer ....

Stunning Workbench

Straight in from a long drive to the heart of the country comes this handsome oregon workbench with amazing patina and a great structure.
Ideal for a dining table, shop counter, office desk etc and is a classic piece that will stand the tests of time and great investment piece.

We have teamed the workbench with timber recycled benches and work well with that aesthetic but any indsutrial style chair also makes a great visual.

Be first to view ...hurry in now and well priced for quick sale.
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