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Sunday, October 24, 2010

For the Boys !!

Christmas is coming and we have the best vintage one off gift ideas here at Nook Vintage so pop on in and check out our boys and girls cabinets separated and adorned with more treasures than Jack Sparrow could muster !!
The boys cabinets consists of cut throat razors, ciggie cases, old tins, retro sunnies, jewellery, leather gators, decks of old playing cards, bits for the old vintage scooters and shot glasses and more but I want to get you through the door so I will stop now...
The girls have the same deal but less of the cut throats .. seriously there are amazing pieces of one off items of costume jewellery, dollies, vintage sunnies and lots of special kitsch UK finds...
So come in and drop your hints now as the Silly Seoson is just round the corner.
Oh cannot decide then grab a gift voucher for any denomination- see too easy .

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